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Operations Manager Needed

Foron Rex is looking for an Operations Manager to join the team starting November/December 2020. In the context of Foron Rex, an operations manager is expected to:

  • Oversee and make sure that all customer care and sales transactions from multiple channels and categories are occurring smoothly and in a fashion that brings high satisfaction to our customer base; retail (walk-ins, delivery and pickup orders), wholesale, resellers; in our main branch in Swefieh and our presence in other locations in the city.
  • Handle customer complaints, improve customer service and response times.
  • Create and improve on current systems that ensure good quality of service and work by our team.
  • Collaborate with other senior staff for cross-functional support, and play a meaningful role in decision-making.
  • Set proper and professional tone for staff communication.
  • Work on standardizing processes and routines that are mature and persistent enough to be standardized.
  • Play an instrumental role in hiring, staffing, scheduling, training and building capacity of our team.
  • Make training programs and handbooks available to our team, promoting high standard in execution and diverse and inspiring work culture.
  • Problem solver and a great troubleshooter in workflows and logistics.
  • Make sure all our stakeholders; our team, our customers, suppliers, partners and investors are content and excited about our performance and dealings.
  • Play an instrumental role in growing the business with a participatory role of our team.

You are expected to be good in the following areas:

  • languages – strong fluency in Arabic and English mainly, huge plus if you know other languages.
  • A very good researcher – you are methodological about your work. You research well when identifying problems and arrive at solid solutions that are well-researched and educated.
  • A strong communicator – you can inspire people, you can make them follow your footsteps. You are not afraid of stating your thoughts. You are patient with people, but you also push them to take more roles, responsibilities and growth in their work.
  • You delegate. You trust people even when they **** it up. You continue to trust people, you delegate and you advice.
  • You have strong opinions but not stubborn when presented with good arguments that are against your opinions.
  • You don’t leave space for mistakes to happen but you leave space for people to be creative and solve problems.
  • You dream big, but you understand that big dreams start very small. You believe in iterative thinking. You don’t seek grand gestures. You understand you are no service to humanity and that being human is about the shortcomings, and iterative improvements in life.
  • You are a workaholic person and you are comfortable with intellectual stimulation and have strong stamina for conversations around it. You need to be that for the first 5 years. You are detail-oriented, empathize with other members of the team, and you make sure you finish your task to a level of completeness that no one after you will have to repeat it. You are not “innit” for the money only, you want to prove that a flower can grow in the desert! You want to prove that it is all in the How and not the Where, What and Which. You always ask yourself Why!
  • You don’t think that size matters; it might matter for you in your private life, but here, we don’t compare businesses to their size, but to the soul in them to be crafty, good to its people and nimble in its survival throughout tough times like COVID19 and bad economy.
  • You do things as if you will cease to exist tomorrow. You do things in the context of urgency to execute.
  • When you take a decision you cut like a knife. You don’t go in circles in executing your decisions.
  • You start your work at 6am. We are a bakery. We don’t care if you are the best operations manager in the world if you cannot be everyday at work by 6am. We will settle for the 100th best in the world if they come early. Please don’t even try to negotiate that in the interview. You will be immediately disregarded.
  • You will be part of a tough circle of management team. We are tough, full of emotions of anger and resistance, yet have time for laughter and a feel good day.
  • We are unconventional in our approach to things; whether in production or sales. If you are intimidated, then you get us. If not, please don’t bother to apply.
  • You believe in heart more brain. You should be methodological but you believe you can’t control everything, thus the heart and guts.


  • F*** experience! We want passionate and brilliant people.
  • Experience is good if relevant
  • But exposure is better.
  • You really love, trust and believe in people, but you also are good at fencing out people who don’t improve with those three characteristics that you emit.

Applications to this post will be dealt with discreetly. One person is screening all applications for this position, which is the Development/Vision Manager; Kareem Arafat.

Please send your resume to